Prime Minister Theresa May Praises Harwell as One of her Final Acts in Office

In a letter to local Member of Parliament Ed Vaizey on her penultimate day in office, Prime Minister Theresa May MP took the opportunity to praise the UK’s ‘world leading capabilities’ in the space sector, in particular drawing attention to the ‘vibrancy’ of the Space Cluster at the Harwell Campus.

The outgoing PM also made clear the Government’s commitment to backing business and making investment in skills and infrastructure at sites such as Harwell, as well as providing an update on the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) progress in unlocking further significant investment in the site.

Closing her letter, Prime Minister Theresa May said ‘I am sure that Harwell will continue to play an important part in the continued development of the space industry in the United Kingdom.’

Angus Horner, Director at Harwell Campus commented that ‘Harwell and its people are extremely grateful to the former Prime Minister and her predecessors, who have consistently backed our world leading science and innovation.  Harwell’s Space Cluster is the envy of other countries and its organisations continue to generate UK prosperity plus contribute globally and collaboratively, as we all strive to improve the Human Condition.  We are similarly pleased that our new Prime Minister’s first speech confirmed the vital importance of the UK Space Sector - and we will continue to play our part for the benefit of UK Plc and future generations.’

In responding to the letter, Ed Vaizey MP said ‘I am delighted that the Prime Minister recognised the significance of Harwell as a world leading site for research and development, especially in the Space Sector. As BEIS and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority complete their review of Harwell’s business case I will continue to press the Government for action to unlock potential at this important international resource. I hope the new Government, in particular Andrea Leadsom, the new Secretary of State at BEIS, will continue to support me in championing Harwell’s growth and development.’