Ed Vaizey calls on SODC to reject proposed plans for development in East Hagbourne

Ed will oppose plans by Grainger plc to build 170 dwellings between East Hagbourne and Didcot.

Ed said: “The land suggested for this development in East Hagbourne provides a vital buffer zone between the village and Didcot. Coalescence of the settlements is not an option and as far as I am aware is contrary to planning policy. 

“I am also concerned that if approved it could open up the area for further housebuilding. South Oxfordshire District Council currently has a Local Plan in place and this area is not allocated for development in it and any building must be resisted.

“Having visited the site I was very impressed how residents of Didcot value this green space as much as the people of East Hagbourne. I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism of the Mind the Green Gap campaign which has been formed to fight this development.

This proposal, if it were allowed to proceed, would compromise the clear natural boundary defining the separate identities of the town and the village and we must respect this distinction.”