Ed Meets Rail Minister to discuss Grove Station

Ed Vaizey MP (Wantage and Didcot) met with the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State Andrew Jones MP on Tuesday to discuss the potential of reopening Grove Station and rail connectivity in Oxfordshire.

Mr Vaizey was joined at the meeting by Charlotte Dickson, Vale of White Horse District Councillor for the Wantage Charlton ward.

Alongside representatives from the Department of Transport, Great Western Railway, and Network Rail, Mr Vaizey and the Minister led a wide-ranging discussion about the provision of rail services in Oxfordshire, including developing a strategic case for the reopening of Grove Station as part of a broader project to improve local commuter services between Oxford and Bristol.

The discussion also covered plans to develop the western rail link to Heathrow Airport, meaning that journeys to the airport would no longer have to travel through London, and strategic improvements to Oxford Station and the Oxford-Didcot line.

After the meeting Mr Vaizey said “I am delighted that the Minister took the time to meet with me and local colleagues to discuss these important projects in Oxfordshire. We will continue to work with the Department for Transport and local rail partners to develop strategic schemes to improve rail services in Oxfordshire. On guidance from the Department and Network Rail I will be looking at the East West Rail scheme and the Cotswold Line Promotion Group for inspiration in how to build a business case for improvements to commuter services between Oxford & Bristol and hope that colleagues in Parliament with stations along that route might join me