Ed catches up with AEAT pensioners

Ed caught up with AEAT pensioners who have been so badly treated.  He will continue to work with fellow MPs to try to change the law to help have their case looked into.


Ed speaks at the Burnet News Club

Ed visited Faringdon Community College to speak at their Burnet News Club.  A wide variety of topics were discussed with some challenging questions from the students.

Ed visits Faringdon pre school

Ed popped in to visit staff and volunteers at Faringdon pre school, they discussed the great work they were doing and the challenges ahead. 

Ed met FirstPort at Alfredston Place

Ed led a meeting between senior management at FirstPort UK and residents of Alfredston Place in Wantage after a number of issues were raised by residents.  Ed will be updated on how these are being addressed by the management company and will continue to act on behalf of the residents on this mat

Meeting with the Smith family

Ed met with the Smith family in Wantage to discuss their long standing connections with the area and how they plan to help the region evolve.  Ed visited their solar farm, which helps power local communities through renewable energy.

Didcot First

Ed had a lunchtime meeting with Didcot first at the new Marriott Bonvoy Courtyard Oxford South Hotel.  Following a great presentation by Oxfordshire Community Foundation the meeting focused on improving the support available for children and families in and around Didcot

Ed meets Didcot 6th form Students

Ed met with a group of Didcot 6th form students.  in a week when Greta Thunberg spoke to so many parliamentarians he was encouraged that so many young people are interested and passionate about politics.  Ed really values their input. 

Ed and Mark Hopwood from GWR meet

Ed met with Mark Hopwood, Managing Director of GWR to discuss improvements to Didcot Railway station and how to improve access and transfers for passengers.  They also discussed timetable changes and train improvements.