Ed discusses Bee disease

Ed met with his constituent Penny Hearn from Bee Watch who is campaigning for a mandatory register of bee keepers.  This would help combat the spread of bee disease. 

Ed visits MRC

Ed met Sara Wells and Steve Brown of the Medical Research Council to discuss the amazing work into genetics being carried out at their centre in Harwell

Ed opens Newton Europe's new office

Ed was delighted to open the new office building for Newton Europe.  Newton are a team of the brightest and most curious engineers, scientists, mathematicians and change specialists based at their headquarters in Kingston Bagpuize. 

Ed catches up with AEAT pensioners

Ed caught up with AEAT pensioners who have been so badly treated.  He will continue to work with fellow MPs to try to change the law to help have their case looked into.


Ed speaks at the Burnet News Club

Ed visited Faringdon Community College to speak at their Burnet News Club.  A wide variety of topics were discussed with some challenging questions from the students.

Ed visits Faringdon pre school

Ed popped in to visit staff and volunteers at Faringdon pre school, they discussed the great work they were doing and the challenges ahead.